offerings for Children

Effective parenting is about developing children to face the real world. This needs good education and overall personality development. Schools alone cannot do this and therefore parents need to invest quality time with their children in imparting life skills. We have various resources which help parents and children towards this.


Making Champs has published the books on the following topics:

Public Speaking
Personality Development
Writing Skills
Social Smartness

These books have videos, exercises and practice assignments. It is a complete self-help package. Click for more
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Online Course

To complement the efforts of parents, we have prepared multimedia content. This can be accessed from any device from anywhere. Children get engrossed in watching the content and learning essential life skills. Click for more


Performance of children in elocution competition is like a black box for parents. We have a novel assessment tool – ‘Speakometer’TM for helping parents to know how is the speech given by their child. Click for more


Good elocution is a combination of excellent delivery and meaningful content. Moreover, it should be age appropriate. We have several speeches for children. Click for more

Sample Videos

Children learn by watching others. We are happy to present to you – World’s largest collection of video, by children for children on youtube. Subscribe to it and get a regular feed of useful videos for children. Click for more

For any skill to be developed, the learner needs to know the concept, a demonstration of it in action and then try it by herself. Our books have got all these 3 ingredients. There are embedded videos and practice exercises. 
Yes, all these skills are so fundamental that it will impact all aspects of life, including academics. E.g. Better public speaking will improve the ability to answer the questions and also ask questions, if required. Effective written communication will help in essay writing, composition, etc. 
Effectiveness of these skills being taught at the adult age is always questioned. Children have more probability of getting these skills inculcated as they are more amenable to learning. More importantly, children are more willing to try whatever they have learnt. And never the less, early starting is like scoring better in the initial overs of a cricket match, so that the asking rate is under control!
It is seen that even students of 6 to 9 years have some fixed notions about themselves – what they can do and what they cannot do. Some of these dogmas need to be corrected and that doesn’t happen overnight. We have seen difference in some children in 3-4 weeks as well and in some cases it could even be 2-3 months. However, we are confident that whatever learnings children get, they will be able to use it as the circumstances arise.
Children can learn from books, videos, experiences and so on. Therefore, they can very much learn from an online course. The material has been made children friendly - images, videos, storyline etc. Moreover, there are demo videos - what to do and what not to do.  The skills are of practical value. Once children understand the concept, they need to try it themselves. If they do this, the skill development process is in action. 
It is upto you. The course starts now and when you finish is in your hands! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide the rate at which you are going to learn.
2 things. Practice and use the learning. Ensure that your child practices what she is learning. Moreover, let her apply the learnings in real life. This will bridge the gap between knowing and doing.