Become a Making Champs Teacher Partner

Run a home-based personality development program for children (6 to 13 years). Our multimedia resource is available for you.


Benefits for you

  • 1
    Improve your own personality
  • 2
    Get Training and Certification.
  • 3
    Get Books and Multimedia Aids.
  • 4
    Start Earning Independently.
Apply Now

Typically 2 half days / one full day of training, per skill. Teachers would be given the student books in advance so that you know the concepts that have to be covered. Classroom time can be then productively used for discussion and teaching practices.
In a batch you can have minimum 5-6 students and maximum 20-25 students. You can have as many batches as you can mobilise. There can be a short program like a workshop or a long program - round the year. 
You are required to buy the books from Making Champs. Making Champs team is available for any support you need in order to run your class smoothly. You will get indicative class plans for the workshop as well as the long program You will also get certificates for students from Making Champs. Making Champs website will support you in terms of web presence. We will add the teacher profiles and locations where classes are available. Student videos can also be published on Making Champs youtube channel.
The books given by Making Champs are self-sufficient. They have concepts, videos and exercises. The videos can be accessed from youtube. If you need any additional help, please get in touch with us.  
Yes. While you would be the best person to market it locally, Making Champs will be happy to support your programs by publishing it on Making Champs social media assets like Facebook, Twitter etc and on the website.
No. Once you have become certified trainer, you need to buy only the books and other teaching aids (if required). You are free to charge the fees that your market can support and you don’t need to have % sharing with Making Champs